Name: Bianca Seinafo
Nickname: Bee, Pianka

What's your favorite artist at the moment? I can proudly announce my devotion to recently becoming a Belieber. Justin Bieber's album purpose is solid, like actual groundbreaking! This whole summer I have been repeatedly jamming his tunes and anxiously trying to get Parris Goebel's dance moves on point in front of my mirror...Still trying. Justin Bieber is definitely my fav fav FAVVV artist at the moment #Boycrush2016

Where’s the best place you’ve been on holiday? Without a doubt Samoa, the heart of the Pacific! My favorite places to visit are my family villages Lotofaga, Lefaga, Leulumoega and of course the beautiful Safotu in Savai’i. Samoa has the most amazing food, gorgeous beaches, tropical weather and everyday feels like chilled out Sunday. Did I mention the food?!?!?!?!

If you had only one wish, what would it be? That it would be FREE to travel anywhere you wanted. Whether you wanted to go have lunch in China, go swimming in South America or go on an adventure with your mates to Pluto. How cool would that be to meet people from somewhere far away from you and see all the awesome and different ways they do things.

If you weren’t uncoordinated, what sport would you most like to play? This is a weird question because it implies that I’m uncoordinated which is totally not true, I do play sports…sometimes. Maybe…(Did the boys make these questions up?) But to answer your question I would want to play and be a superstar in Street Basketball, because you get to showcase you unique ball skills and flaunt your unique style of playing. And you can pick a cool funky outfit to wear when you want to slam dunk the ball over your Ronnie and Chris. I mean over your opponents

Would you rather be stung by a jellyfish or give up facebook for a week? I remember seeing on TV that if you are ever to get stung by a jellyfish in order to relieve the pain you have to pee on the sting. Yes HUMAN pee!! So keeping that in mind, I think I would take a year off Facebook if it meant avoiding this situation.