Be In Our Audience!

Kia Ora! Ni Hao! Talofa! Namaste! Hello!

We would LOVE to have your family join us for a live ON-LOCATION broadcast of What Now.

First things first, make sure you are registering for the correct location – it’s a new venue every Sunday and we don’t want you turning up to somewhere we’re not!

Then, PLEASE read the Checklist and Terms and Conditions. It’s important you are aware of all the particulars to ensure you have the best possible time at What Now and we can process your registration efficiently.

Include each child’s first name and surname in your application.

Fill out all fields of this form and select the dates you’re free.

(This form is an application and not a guaranteed booking.)

Make sure to refresh the page when you come to it as well, just to be certain the dates you want are still available!

See ya soon!


Please read the Checklist and T&Cs. This is important so you are aware of all the particulars to ensure you have the best possible time at What Now.

See ya soon!


Before you fill this form out make sure:

  • Children attending are aged between 5 and 12 years.
  • You are able to arrive by 7:00am on Sunday morning.
  • You can get to the specified location.
  • You get a parent or adult to check these details. 


  • Kids for What Now games and competitions are picked randomly.
  • You may be gunged or foamed, so make sure you’re wearing old clothes!
  • Pretend you’re going swimming – bring a change of clothes and a towel because you will probably get wet!

Here’s the boring adult part! Please ensure you read and understand these obligations before finalising your application.

Audience and Participation – Duties & Responsibilities

  • I understand, and agree to comply with the rules and safety precautions displayed and/or explained to me verbally relating to attendance and/or participation in the production and recording of activities associated with television programmes (“activities”). I understand that it is a condition of taking part in activities that I must give the confirmations and certification set out in this form.
  • I have the opportunity to ask WhitebaitMedia all the questions that I have relating to the activities, recording and all information I require will be provided by WhitebaitMedia.
  • I do not have any physical condition or health problem which would make it unsafe or against medical advice for me to participate in the recording.
  • I acknowledge that the activities in the recordings have associated risks. Careless actions or accidents within the recordings carry the risk of injury as well as damage to property. These risks can arise from my own actions and the actions of other people. I understand I have a duty to take reasonable care of my own safety and to take reasonable care that I will not, through any act or omission, cause harm to any other person.

Terms & Conditions

  • We can only fit 200 people in the What Now filming arena, but public who aren’t registered are welcome to sign in, stand around the perimeter and watch.
  • Mum and Dad are welcome to join us! 
  • WhitebaitMedia reserves the right to change or modify show dates and locations.
  • All those who are entering the WhitebaitMedia OB (Outside Broadcast) location and associated outdoor areas in respect of the participation in the making of the television programme “What Now” will be deemed to have read, understood and irrevocably agreed to the following: that they may be photographed, filmed and recorded and that they irrevocably consent to the use of such photographs, films, images or likeness by WhitebaitMedia or third parties authorised by WhitebaitMedia for editorial, publicity and advertising use made in perpetuity, free of charge or any compensation. Each person in advance waives all rights and actions seeking to oppose such use.
  • Adult Information

  • What Now looks forward to you joining the audience in 2019! Please click on the drop down box and select which date and location you would like to attend.
  • Mum or Dad Fill This Out!

  • Child Information (Ages 5-12)

  • Please tell us about any allergies, disabilities or special needs or special occasions (eg birthday party) involved in this booking.