What Now Sausage Sizzle

Run a Fundraiser Sausage Sizzle!

Welcome to the What Now Fundraising Opportunity Sausage Sizzle!  (Brought to you every week by a different community group).

We have an opportunity for one charity, club or community group to join us each Sunday for our live outdoor show.

If you are interested in running your own sausage sizzle during What Now, please fill out the registration form (the registration is a request only, you will be contacted if selected).

Below are the terms and conditions to read prior to registering.

How does it work?  You organize and operate the sausage sizzle, while having your charity, club or group in front of New Zealand’s kids and parents on National TV!  All profits from the morning belong to you!

Although we recommend adults run the sausage sizzle, there will be an opportunity for the children in your group to have an ‘on air’ chat with our presenters.  This is a fantastic opportunity to get your message out there, rally support and let New Zealand know who benefits from the money raised.

Who pays for the set up?  You incur all costs associated with the setup and running of the sausage sizzle.

Who will be my customers?  Each week we have a registered onsite audience of 200 adults and children.  The general public are also invited to come on down and enjoy in on the fun.

What price do we sell at?  You set the price at whatever you feel is appropriate.

Should we sell drinks?  Probably not, there will be a free water station set up near you.

How long will I need to be there?  You will need to be set up and sausages cooked ready to go by 7am, that is when our audience begins to arrive, they will be all departed by 10.30am.  Your start time will depend on your set up.

What do I need to provide?  Signage or flags promoting who you are and what you are fundraising for, BBQ, gas bottle, chilly bin, cooking oil, serviettes, trestle tables, rubbish bin, rubber gloves are essential for food safety, apron, BBQ tongs, money float, hand sanitizer, a gazebo is optional, and don’t forget the sausages, onions, bread & sauces!

What do I wear?  Please feel free to dress in branded uniforms in support of your charity, club or group.  Bring clothing appropriate for all weather conditions, even sunscreen and a ‘tv smile’! 😊

How many people do I need to bring?  Four adults are recommended to run the sausage sizzle, one to cook, one to collect the money and two to serve.  We would also love to talk ‘on air’ to two confident kids about what the sausage sizzle is raising money for and a little about the charity, club or group (we would recommend children between 9-12yrs).

Can I promote our Sausage Sizzle on social media?  Yes, please do, the more people that know you will be at What Now, the more successful your morning will be.

What Now is a crazy fun, fast live kids tv show, a special part of many adult’s childhood memories. 

We would love you to be part of it while helping the kids of New Zealand achieve their dreams!

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