Recyclable Pencil Case

How to make a pencil case!


Two plastic bottles (sprite, mountain dew)

Hot glue gun (or super glue)

A zip

Craft knife


  1. Empty the bottles of any liquid!
  2. Cut the top of one bottle and on the other bottle cut just the bottom off. You will want both bottom ends of the bottle for this pencil case – as you can see in the photo.
  3. Using hot glue or super glue you will want to glue the bottom half of the zip to the bottom half of the pencil case. Do the same for the top of the zip and the top of the pencil case. Make sure you only glue the fabric area of the zip to the bottle because we want the zip to clothe smoothly!
  4. Put some pens and pencils in and TADAAA! Your pencil case is ready.