Chalk Paint Popsicles!

Make your chalk art extra cool by using ice to make Chalk Paint Popsicles!

Mix half cornstarch and half water together into your bowl or jug with heaps of food colouring so you can change it into the colour you want!

Once you're happy with your colour, pour all the mixture into a Ice-block tray and pop it in the freezer. Let them set and that's it! Have fun (and don't eat them!)

(You can mix in a little dishwashing liquid if you want to make cleaning up easier!)

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8 Responses

  1. emily smith
    | Reply

    can you eat these ! ?

  2. tupou
    | Reply

    hi my name is tupou my question is how did you know to make all these craft thing

  3. jessica
    | Reply

    can you make popsicle art

  4. makayla
    | Reply

    hi my names Makayla hea can you eat these or cant u

  5. sonali
    | Reply

    I think that you can not eat this because it has dishwashing liquid in it.

  6. Maz
    | Reply

    Can you put any kind of Juice in?

  7. Petra
    | Reply

    I don’t think you can eat it it had chalk in it?

  8. kaitlyn
    | Reply

    can u eat that??

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