Fake Poo!

Wanna prank the population with pretend poop? Here's some genius recipes:

Method One: Soak a toilet roll (with no paper) in water until it becomes dark brown and slightly soft. Then just rip it up into small pieces and mould it into the shape you need. Depending on how big you want the poo to be you can use as much little ripped bits as you want!

Method Two: Break up some chocolate (dark chocolate works best) into a microwave safe bowl and pop it into the microwave for about 20-30 seconds. Wait for it to cool down, and like the toilet rolls just mould it into your perfect poo shape (hey you can even eat it afterwards!)

Method Three: Mix peanut butter with chocolate sauce and mash it all together until it turns the right texture and shade of brown! Again, you can eat it afterwards!

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  1. Bradie saunders
    | Reply

    how come your so funny and cool and amzing like that awsome poo joke that is so funny

    • tyneesha
      | Reply

      (lol i now right) hey i live at 311 wellington road wainuiomata lower hutt new zealand (and i watch what now every single sunday do you

  2. Tohara collis
    | Reply

    cool poo

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