Grass Hair Monster!

Grow a buddy with fantastic hair! For the first step you'll need grass seeds, sawdust, an elastic band and an old sock. Fill the toe of your sock with grass seed, then top it up with sawdust until you have a ball shape. Fasten the ball tightly with an elastic band. This will be the "scalp" as it will be where your new pal grows it's hair!

Now take a yogurt pot and decorate it using whatever you want. It could be some ribbons, paper glue or whatever else you can find in your craft box! Grab some googly eyes and stick them on, cause googly eyes are always a treat.

Put the stocking ball/scalp in the yoghurt pot with the grass seed bit at the top. Make sure you keep the yoghurt pot topped up with water. After a few weeks your mate should grow hair!

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3 Responses

  1. Trillian
    | Reply

    I thought it was a coconut

  2. Maz
    | Reply

    So cool

  3. Petra
    | Reply


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