Headhunter Paper Plane!

It's the mighty HeadHunter Plane! The record for the longest time it's spent in the air is 8 seconds and the farthest it flew reached 100 feet! But I bet you can break that record. So it starts off pretty simple...

  • Fold in half, open up then refold into crease line.
  • Fold triangles into crease line.
  • Hold down triangles and pull the big flap over as far as it will go. (Hold up)
  • Flip over and fold in half so the flap is on the bottom.
  • Make another big flap like we did before holding that triangle and then open it up.
  • Starting an inch down fold the triangle putting tip down the center crease.
  • Fold the tip back up to the top of the paper and then unfold creating a cross.
  • Fold the top corners down into the middle of the cross then flip the point back up and over.
  • Flip it over then fold in half.

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