Homemade Tote Bag!

  1. Take your t-shirt and cut off the sleeves. Turn your shirt inside out.
  2. Grab your bowl and put it around the neckline of your shirt. Trace the outline of your bowl so you know where to cut.
  3. Now it is time to decide how deep you want your tote bag to be. Grab your ruler and vivid and trace a line just above the bottom of your shirt.
  4. Use your scissors to cut slits from the bottom of the shirt to the marked line. You will need to cut both the front of the shirt and the back of the shirt. They should be about 3cm thick each.
  5. Take your first two strands from both the front and back of the shirt and tie them together. Tie three knots in a row. You will see that the knots are pulling the bottom of the bag together.
  6. Grab one of the strands from the middle knot and tie it with a strand from the knot to the left. The grabbing the other strand from the middle knot, tie it to a strand from the knot to the right. Continue this until all of the knots along the bottom of the shirt are complete.
  7. If you look inside you will see that the bottom of the bag has no holes in it. Turn the shirt the right sight out again and your bag is done!

What You Need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • Sharp scissors
  • Vivid
  • A bowl
  • A ruler

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