Marshmallow Gun!

  1. Cut the bottom of the Plastic Cup off.
  2. Tie the end of the Balloon in a knot and cut a little snippet off the other end of the Balloon.
  3. Pull the cut end of the Balloon over the top of the Plastic Cup.
  4. Place a Balloon inside the cup, pull the knotted end of the Balloon and shoot the Marshmallow...

    Tip: If you find that the Balloon doesn't stay on the Plastic Cup very well, you can secure it on using a Rubber Band.

What You Need:

  • Plastic Cup
  • Scissors
  • Balloon
  • Marshmallows
  • Rubber Bands (only if you need them)

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7 Responses

  1. Ruby Thomson
    | Reply

    Where do you get your ideas from or do you make them up

  2. maddison bean
    | Reply

    Wow Love Your Ideas Your Imaginations Are Wild!

  3. Ella Edkins
    | Reply

    I love all of crafts there amazing
    so where do you get all of your ideas from?
    do you fail any of you crafts on t.v?

  4. Renee
    | Reply

    what is the hardest thing you have ever made and how hard was it also how did you get to go on what now?

  5. Joscelyn
    | Reply

    I asked my sister to shoot some marshmallows in my mouth and she completely missed i caught all of them and ate it.

    • Maggie
      | Reply

      haha so funny

  6. Rainerlei
    | Reply

    Your so creative in your art ,funny and your pretty

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