Paper Spinner!

  1. Start by sticking the plain piece of paper onto the cardboard with glue so you have a blank canvas to draw on.
  2. Draw two circles on the white cardboard. A crafty tip would be to use an old mug or a bowl to draw around! Colour them in using your felt tip pens with a fun design.
  3. Grab your scissors, and cut around the two circles.
  4. Glue together the two circles to make one circle that has a design on each side.
  5. Poke two holes in the middle to make way for the string.
  6. Thread through the holes about your arm’s length of string and tie it at the end.
  7. Now your craft is complete! Pull… relax… pull… relax. The spinner will make a humming noise, and it will look awesome!

What You Need:

  • An old cardboard box (an old Cereal box would be perfect!)
  • Scissors or a nail
  • Colouring pens
  • Glue
  • String
  • Piece of A4 Paper
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    1. meiyah
      | Reply

      i tryed this it was cool

    2. Tui Lenden
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    3. Zoe
      | Reply

      Dear Maggie,
      Um, could you please make like a lolly dispenser, cause it would be cool to see it on the show.

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