Pet Collar!

To make a fancy collar for a furry friend, all you're gonna need is an old shirt. If your dad or big brother has one that they don't use anymore that's perfect!

Do the top button up, then with Mum or Dad's help cut all the way around the bottom of collar, removing it from the rest of the shirt.

The collar's pretty much done! Now you can go crazy decorating it with glitter, stickers, colour anything you like! You can even put a tie into the collar if your pet wants to get formal!

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9 Responses

  1. Maz
    | Reply

    You come up with good ideas

    • Maddison
      | Reply


  2. Maddison
    | Reply

    How do you come up with all of these ideas

  3. Skye
    | Reply

    I really like the pet collar :) But can you make collars for small pets? (such as hamster’s)

  4. Rishmi Ratnayake
    | Reply

    How do make a purse out of a old skit a challenge for

  5. Rishmi Ratnayake
    | Reply

    Sorry I mean how do you make a purse out of a old skirt so I don’t can you do it

  6. Petra
    | Reply

    Yes you just have to make it smaller for a smaller animal

  7. brylea eaves
    | Reply

    can you use a different colored shirt

  8. Mishaela
    | Reply

    I’m soooooo doing this for my dog.

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