Want to learn how to play quidditch? Check out the basic rules on wikihow.com or for a more complete version, download the full rulebook at usquidditch.org!

To find out more information, contact Jess Robieson at [email protected]!

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  1. Holly Moorby
    | Reply

    Hi I’m holly I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I was really excited when I heard you could actually play quidditch I’m going to try it out can’t wait

  2. Julia
    | Reply

    Cool how do u like to play

  3. Joesy
    | Reply

    Ahhhhhhh. I love. Harry Potter if you want to get in a house of Harry Potter go on google and write Harry Potter house quiz

  4. Livarah
    | Reply

    How do you do it .i just what to play but I don’t have the things

  5. Emily Springford
    | Reply

    In quidditch in real life do the brooms fly

  6. Ava
    | Reply

    i watch your channel every Sunday i love yourshow

  7. Trinity
    | Reply

    I love your channel I wish it was on every day from Trinity

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