Rainbow in a Jar!

  1. Pour salt on plastic plate, enough to make a layer of about 10mm thick.
  2. Choose a piece of coloured chalk and rub it on the salt enough until you get your desired colour.
  3. Carefully pour a layer of salt into the container. Using a spoon is very helpful at this step!
  4. Repeat step two, but using a different piece of chalk. Carefully pour this layer into the jar.
  5. Pour layers at angles and around the jar to get interesting patterns. You can rotate the jar when pouring in the chalky salt! Repeat this process until the jar is completely full. Now you have a really cool decoration for your bedroom!

What You Need:

  • Small jar
  • Bottle of Salt
  • Coloured Chalk
  • Plastic plate
  • Spoon
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    11 Responses

    1. Katie
      | Reply

      I started rainbow in a jar on Sunday after what now had finished. It was really fun! But took longer than expected.
      Thank you.

    2. Elliot
      | Reply

      Hi love the idea haven’t tried it but it looks awesome!!!

    3. olivia
      | Reply

      how long to make the rainbow jar

      • LILYROSE
        | Reply


      | Reply

      It was really fun making rainbow in a jar it was so yummy to

      • eden
        | Reply

        you cant eat it its chalk .-.

    5. Poppy
      | Reply

      I made this after what now had finished and I made 4 more and sold them and I think it was in lease than 5 minutes that I sold them all that’s how popular they were.

    6. Maz
      | Reply

      It is very cool

    7. Emma
      | Reply

      what sort of jar do you use

    8. Tui Lenden
      | Reply

      That’s nice and colourful

    9. Charlotte
      | Reply

      Wow it’s so colourful

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