Dog of the Week: Samoyed!

Check out the Samoyed! This dog comes from the chilly Siberia, and gets its name from Samoyedic people they worked with!

They used to help with herding, and even pulling sleds!

They are good natured dogs, and are very playful, even when they get older!

12 Responses

  1. layana
    | Reply

    hey i want to know if dogs r very cool

  2. Tyler
    | Reply

    why can some dogs always have lots of energy

  3. How is your dog sooo cute?

  4. ashlyn
    | Reply

    why do they have a lot of fur

  5. taiana
    | Reply

    why do they like to run after people

  6. Maia
    | Reply

    dogs are rellay cute and run allot kiss for all the dogs out there

  7. Jorja
    | Reply

    Thats my dog alika her real name new zealand champion beyond inperial begam at banter

  8. jordyn
    | Reply

    how long have this breed of dog been around for.

  9. Lara
    | Reply

    How do you enter and bring your dog to what now?
    love whatnow for ever!

  10. brooke
    | Reply

    it is sooooo fluffy

  11. Keela
    | Reply

    It looks sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo ffffllluuuuffffffffyyyyy

  12. jorja
    | Reply

    i am the one in blue btw

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