Snow Globe!

  1. Choose your jab. Open the lid and place the lid upside down on your surface. Grab the figurine you have chosen (something out of a Kinder Surprise is always good!) and glue it on the lid.
  2. Fill your jar with water and some clear glue.
  3. Add in some various colours of glitter (about 1-2 teaspoons).
  4. Screw on your lid and turn your jar upside down so it sits on its lid.

What You Need:

  • A small glass jar
  • Plastic figurine
  • Clear glue
  • Glitter
  • Water
  • Hot glue gun with glue
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    12 Responses

    1. Simarpreet
      | Reply

      Where do I buy the clear glue from?

    2. lochlan patterson
      | Reply

      i made one at school once it so good but broke so happy there this

    3. Petra
      | Reply

      I’m fairly certain you can get clear glue from the Warehouse for a couple of dollars…would have to search it on the web.

    4. riley
      | Reply

      can you use hot glue gun

    5. riley
      | Reply

      cause I am

    6. riley
      | Reply

      yea that’s one where do you bye the clear glue from?

    7. eeeeeek
      | Reply

      eeeeeek wwhhaattnnooww

    8. eeeeeek
      | Reply

      how much glue do you put in the jar

    9. Mystique
      | Reply

      Hi this question is for B your so pretty and kind since you are so kind could I please get some gunge please!!!!!!

    10. maiya wavish
      | Reply

      do you have to use clear glue?

    11. maiya wavish
      | Reply

      do you have to use a GLASS jar?

    12. Jaleil
      | Reply

      how much glitter do i put in

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