All About Me

Name: Chris

Nickname: CJ, Captain Kirk, Speedo

What’s your most embarrassing moment? My most embarrassing moment was when I was in about year 3 at Primary School the whole class was sitting on the floor and I let out the loudest fart and even tried to blame it on my best friend! It didn’t work…

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be? (have to be alive) It would have to be my gurrrl Tay Tay. She seems super nice plus she is sooooooo pretty!! <3

Why is being a presenter on What Now the best thing in the world? Because we get to hang out with YOU every Sunday and I get to smash cream pies in Ronnie’s face.

Do you have brothers or sisters? Did you fight much as kids? I have one younger brother who has been bigger than me pretty much my whole life, fair to say I didn’t try fight him to much when I was younger.

Would you rather eat your boogers or lick your shoe? Well I’m not very good at keeping my shoes clean so I’m going to go with the boogers besides did you know that we end up swallowing about 4 cups of mucus a day?!