All About Me!

Age: 23!

Birthplace: Christchurch, NZ!

Brothers or sisters?:Two amazing older sisters, Clare and Laura!

Cutesy wootsey name your parents called you as a bub: Mum always called me bug-a-lugs! Still does. Thanks mum.

Favourite meal: I honestly don’t think I can decide between mango chicken and butter chicken. They are both unreal.

Most hated subject at school: MATHS! Numbers schmumbers.

Best holiday memory: I LOVE musicals, right. In 2016 I did a wee trip round USA and Europe and I saw 14 musicals! I even managed to see The Lion King in Spain. (I didn’t understand a word they were saying, but at least I knew the story line pretty well!)

Favourite colour: Pink!

Least favourite vege: Onions… we don’t agree.

Song you dance to the most: Most of the time I’m dancing to music in my head… Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t dance without music team.

Most embarrassing moment: I was in my class’ swimming sports relay team and somehow I forgot that I didn’t know how to dive. Then when it got to me I did this awkward jump and ended up belly flopping in front of SO many people. They all laughed a lot. And fun fact; I still can’t dive to this day.

Biggest fear: Being stuck in the middle of the ocean. Now THAT is absolutely terrifying. What is in that water?!

When was your loudest fart: I don’t do loud farts. Just silent ones.

Most embarrassing thing a parent has done: My dad has an Elvis costume and he liked to put it on when my friends came round… And tried to sing like Elvis too. Thanks Dad.

Why you love What Now: I love that we all get to hang out and have fun on a Sunday morning, no matter where in the country we might be. I love being able to sneak up on people and gunge them, and they don’t get that mad. And last but not least, I love that What Now puts a smile on all your beautiful faces 😍