All About Me

Age: I am 22 years young

Birthplace: Whangarei Hospital because mum didn’t want to have me in a car.

Brothers or sisters?. I have six brothers two sisters although i was only raised with one, he is my oldest brother. We grew up in New Zealand and as for the rest, growing up in America and other places in Aotearoa

Cutesy wootsey name your parents called you as a bub: Mum called me Bubba, Dad called me little Man!

Favourite meal: My favourite meal is Chicken!

Most hated subject at school: English

Best holiday memory: family trip on a cruise!

Favourite colour: My favourite colour is Blue of course! #TEAMGLOOP

Least favourite vege: Pumpkin, coriander..

Song you dance to the most: Elvis, Hound dog πŸ™‚

Most embarrassing moment: I fell off my bike and thought i died.. im still here πŸ˜€

Biggest fear: Snakes, because I have never been close to one ever!

When was your loudest fart: Just now!:P

Most embarrassing thing a parent has done: My dad picked me up from school ball running, literally running home with my dad after the school ball.

Why you love What Now: I love singing dancing playing laughing jumping and What Now? is all about having fun this is just the tip of the ice berg. also i get to know all you guys this year so c’mon whats not to love about that!?