Spelling Bee

The What Now Spelling Bee!

Who will win the Spelling Bee?

For the very first time, What Now is hosting our very own What Now Spelling Bee!

Who will win the championship here on the show? Who will spell the best? Only time will tell!

Want to get in on the spelling action?? If you can guess what the word means in the form, you’ll be in the draw to win a What Now Cap, gunge and book pack!

But not only that, make sure to check out the Spelling Bee champs!

If you live in Wellington, and love words, make sure to come down to the 2017 New Zealand Spelling Bee Final sponsored by the Wright Family Foundation! It’s free entry!!

The date: Saturday 28th October, 1-2.30pm (please arrive by 12.50pm)

The place: Oceania Room, Te Papa, Wellington Waterfront

Twenty-one Y9 and Y10 finalists from the Far North to the Deep South will travel to Wellington to compete in this cut-throat competition where young intellectual athletes need all their spelling skills and a bit of luck to escape the dreaded bell.  Come and see them battle it out for the title of 2017 National Spelling Champion and $5000.

To secure your seat email [email protected] with your name and the number of seats you need.

Make sure to check out the official Spelling Bee Facebook Page!